Dynamic test benches for vehicles with combustion engines

A dynamic test bench works with a big mass moment of inertia. No brake or torque sensors are. No readjustment, no mismeasurements, no errors. The speed of the drum is measured in very short terms. The power is calculated by the speed differences during the acceleration. The faster, the more power.

The dynamic benches are made for different use.


Die T1-series is for vehicles up to 15-20 kW. Small, light weight and transportable. Fast to deassamble and easy to store (if not needed).

The mass moment of inertia is equal to a 350 kg drum. Caused by the high precision and accuracy, this are used by DEKRA, TUV and the German police.

T1-P series

The T1-P series was adapted for police operations and uses the integrated "mobile office". For the policmen it's possible to print documents for the court, directly on a parking lot.

T2 and T2-MA series

This series is developed for speed up to 360 km/h and endless power (until the tire slips). In a standard version or in a "minimal application" version. That means: only the drum set, electronic T-Soft license and a custom made drum box for sub surface mounting, fixation in a trailer or . . .

Here are some examples (even for quads). Click in every picture on "next".

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