Static test benches for electric vehicles

To do a test run with a scooter or motorcycle with combustion engines is quite simple. Another thing is to measure light electrical vehicles (LEV), or especially EPAC.

To start the assistence it is necessary to start pedaling. But the more pedaling power the hihger the speed, the mileage and so on. That is the reason for us to develop our "syntehtic pedalist". This "pedalist" works with up to 800 W at 120 RPM and with high precision. So this is a kind of a small testbench in a test bench. Now we are able to measure vehicle power, subtracting the pedaling power from the complete mechanical power output from both wheels to the drums. It doesn't matter if the vehicle has front-, rear-, mid-drive or a mixture of that.

By the way, our pedalist is working with a "biometric step". That means, not with a perfect round step, but with a kind if a human sine-wave (more or less).

After the virtualization of the vehicle, the test benches can simulate all conditions like up- and downhill, top speed with headwind and much more. To simulate your favourite track is no problen. Just record the track with a GPS-logger and the test bench will repeat it. Once, twice or endless.

The drive system of the bench can power up the drums to simulate endless downhill tracks to tune the setup of the regeneration settings, switch the transmission, check the wear out or execut the endurance test.

A static test bench is managed by a closed loop controller that keeps the needed parameters under constant conditions.

The test benches are all custom made and totally different. An EOL test bench needs two ramps for the perfect material flow, special fehicle clamps for each model and fully automated and unmanned testing routiness. The test starts with a VIN barcode scan. The software executes all the needed tests (i.e. parts of EN15194, brakes,...), stops, opens the doors and displays a "passed" or prints an error report.

A test bench for EOL check needs protection doors or handrails. Both closed with 4 mm poly carbonate sheets. Locked with safety switches.

Test benches for research and development needs a lot of temperature sensors (type-k or infrared), voltages, current, digital and analog in and outs. If


A highly sophisticated test bench is not a cake. The delivery time is up to four months. A lot of companies are developing thier own systems, drives, or vehicles and the financial situation is difficult. For that reason we are can offer to rent a system. Please feel free to get in contact with us.

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