Actual we can offer test runs for e-bikes on our bench(es) up to 1kW and up to 55 km/h. But this parameters are not fixed! We can change the settings in a wide range.

The pedaling speed is from 12 to 120 rpm and up to 800 Watt.

Our test benches are very strong and robust with a very high accuracy and precision. This system can be used to control, research, development, wear out, to check what happens on special situations like overload, undervoltage, overspeed (regeneration?) or to destroy single components. All operating conditions are possible. Continuous increasing uphill sections, mileage test, all relevant items of EN15194 and much more.

Always repeatable, endless and fully automated (if necessary).

Of course we can simulate your favourite track, just send us the recorded GPS-data and the bench will repeat it how often you want.

By the way, it doesn't matter if the vehicle has front, rear or a mid drive.

We can simulate the gear shifting other exclusive functions. We can do that tests with partial overheating or cooling down. But we do not have a climatic chamber.

But we can offer certified EMC-test for EPAC's!

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