A new test bench for e-scooter is ready!


The new web site is online! Easy to understand, more compact, safe, better to maintain and made for the mobile use.


Happy new year! Our website was attacked and closed for safety from the provider for three days. Now we are online again! 05. January 2016

Our new generation of test benches are beating all the records. The new load-balancer allows to set up a new speed level in less than three seconds! With or without load (or negative load / regeneration). With an accuracy of less than +/- 0,02 km/h ! ! ! A "hundredth" balancer will be prepared . . .

20th of October 2015

The most sophisticated drum test bench starts up! Now we can work for YOU in our "laboratory".

21th of September 2015

Start up: CNC plasma cutter for a faster production of test benches!Databox For part sizes up to 3000x1500 mm! Now we are much more faster and independant form the actual workload of our suppliers.

19th of August 2015

All the TRAKTAL testbenches can be upgraded with sensors for the electrical powermeasurement with adapters for Rosenberger (RoPD) Powerconnectors. The integrated data socket is for the monitoring of the data transmission parameters (EnergyBus, CanOpen, etc.). Also included is an emergency stop relay that is controlled by the test manually, automatically or via the integrated plausibility check. This is the perfect safety and really unmanned test cycles can be realized easy.


The last test bench was delivered at the 23rd of December (as a kind of an early Christmas present) :-)

The capabilities are depending on the needed hardware and the software modules...

This bench is a rental version. The advantages are: low acquisition costs, always actual software and easy adjustment to other or better standardized and fully automated testing procedures.

According to the EN15194 it is necessary to measure different temperatures and to checkTempBox the "thermal equilibrium". Now we offer a stand alone temperature data logger with twelve sensors (type-k) and two infrared sensors.

. . .

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